To provide our shooters with first-hand information regarding the capabilities of various firearms, your Defensive Pistol Team assembled 4 target structures utilizing standard 1/2" sheetrock to simulate 4 typical wall sections used in home construction. The sheetrock was placed on each side of standard 2" x 4" boards simulating wall studs. These sections were then spaced as follows:
Wall # 1 was placed 15' from the firing line.
Wall # 2 was then placed 3' behind the 1st. to simulate a hallway spacing.
Wall # 3 was then placed 15' behind wall # 2 to simulate a typical room width.
Wall #4 was then placed 15' behind wall # 3 to simulate yet another typical room width.
Various calibers of handguns and rifles were then fired, in-line, through the targets with the following results:

WALL # 1

WALL # 2

WALL # 3
WALL # 4
Suffice it to say that EVERYTHING we fired at these walls penetrated all four walls and continued out into the berm behind! That is everything from .22 Long Rifle to .357 Magnum to .45 ACP and .223 Rem and 5.56MM and even 12 gauge shotgun with # 8 bird-shot loads. Although the bird-shot holes are not visible in these photos, you can see where the shot cup/wad actually penetrated into Wall # 3! They are the two large holes near the top-left, marked with Xs! (These pictures of walls 1 & 2 were taken before the shotgun rounds were fired, therefore, the shot cup penetration of these walls is not seen in these photos.)
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