To better serve you, the participants of Roseburg Defensive Pistol, we are offering you the opportunity to submit your suggestions for a particular scenario, which you would want us to present at a future shoot. You can also use the form to request a scenario that we've presented sometime in the past.

Simply click below and download the Form, print it out and sketch and/or describe your scenario on the form, or briefly describe one of our scenarios from the past that you'd like for us to re-run. Then just drop the form off at the sign-in table on your next visit to Defensive Pistol or scan and email it to and we shall attempt to incorporate it into a future shoot as soon as possible.

NOTE: Scenarios must meet certain Club and Defensive Pistol criteria to be used, so it may be necessary to modify your submission before we can put it to use. We shall attempt to stay as close as possible to your intended scenario.
Click here to download the Scenario Suggestion Form.
Click here to download the Scenario Suggestion Form.
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