While we do not have specific requirements for firearms or other equipment used at our Defensive Pistol shoots, we do have some limitations and make the following recommendations to make your experience easier and more satisfying for you. For safety and time reasons we encourage each shooter to have their own firearm. Any sharing of firearms between shooters during the shoots will be at the discretion of the RSO. We also reccomend that you be familiar with the basic operation of your firearm either through use or by reading the owners manual.

1. We suggest the use of a 9mm or larger firearm although .22 rimfire will work, but may not knock down our steel targets.

2. A holster, though not required, will also make the shoot easier for you. Any holster used for Defensive Pistol must provide, in the case of an accidental holstered discharge, for the bullet to strike the ground within a 3-foot radius on the ground from center of the shooter's stance. No horizontal shoulder holsters, cross-draw or other styles allowed. Your Range Safety Officer may, at their discretion, request that you not use the holster that you have brought with you that day for safety reasons. 

3. We also recommend two or three spare magazines or 3-4 speed loaders to allow for reloads as required on some of our scenarios. Along with the spare magazines you may want to also have a magazine holder, belt carried or other.

4. You must have something to carry the firearm in--a range bag, holster, pistol rug or similar as no "bare" firearms will be allowed to be moved around on the range before, during or following our shoots. The only exception to this rule will be shotguns or carbines on the appropriate day and they will be carried muzzle up with no magazine installed (if removable) and the action/chamber open. If you have a case for your long gun, please use it.

5. Typically you will need approximately 100 rounds of ammunition to complete the 5 scenarios of a typical shoot. No magnum pistol loads are allowed. On days with a shotgun scenario, one box of bird shot ammunition (7 1/2 or 8 bird shot) will be sufficient. No slugs or buckshot allowed. On days with a carbine scenario, 30 rounds of the appropriate ammunition should do. No magnum, high-velocity, or penetrator ammunition, in any caliber, is allowed to be used on steel targets. Use of tracer ammunition is strictly forbidden anywhere on our ranges.

6. All persons, shooters and spectators alike, on the range are required to utilize eye and hearing protection.

The Fee will be $10.00 (CASH ONLY, PLEASE) for each adult shooter, those 18 and older. Children, under 18, living with and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian will shoot for free. All other rules regarding shooters under the age of 18 will remain in force.

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